I am amazed at how many people have misunderstood our timing protocols. ASIC teaches a dry day(s) post weaning insemination schedule, and we base everything from the weaning day. That said, we consider the wean day as day “0”. Recently, about 50% of the people we have surveyed categorize the wean day as day “1”, and in doing so are off by 24 hours when using our suggested timing protocols.

Wean Day English


Our thought process is this. you cannot be 1, 2, 3 etc. days post weaning until that time has passed! If you wean on a Wednesday at 8 AM, then you are not one day post weaning until Thursday at 8 AM. The same holds true for your age. When you are born, you are not 1 year old. You were just born so you do not become 1 year old until that one year has past. Until that time you are a “fraction” of one year… The same holds true with linear measurement. 1 foot is not one foot until there are 12 inches. If you only have 3 inches, then that is NOT a foot yet! See my point?

So, for anyone using the wean day as day 1, please consider it day “0” when using our recommended timing protocols.

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