Why do AMG Catheters cost more than traditional catheters?

  1. Our catheters weigh approximately 4 times more than regular catheters. This means our material costs are much higher than normal catheters.  We must use the larger diameter tubing to make room for the membrane inside, and to help with the hydraulic properties of the technology.
  1. Our membranes are manufactured in the USA under strict quality controls. It is not practical to make them in China where our assembly is done.  The membranes have significant weight, they take up significant space when packaged (so they are not stored in a crushed condition), and shipping costs are also significant.  Add to that, import duties and VAT in China also need to be factored in…
  1. AMG Series catheters must be assembled by hand in order to protect the delicate membrane inside; allowing you to safely penetrate your sow and gilt’s cervix. Most traditional catheters are manufactured on automated lines and have no imported parts to drive up the cost.
  1. The flexible membrane all by itself, costs more than a traditional catheter (retail price) to manufacture.
  1. The AMG Series catheter for swine is the only patented catheter in the marketplace.  In order to protect our incredible technology “globally”, maintenance fees are involved.
  1. ASIC services its customers and provides training; most of the time free of charge to individual farms. We invest in your success, and do everything in our power to ensure your experience is profitable and enjoyable.  This costs money too, and it is not necessary with traditional catheters.

The truth is, regardless what our catheter costs, you and your farm will appreciate considerable profits due to our product’s effectiveness and improvement in your farms performance.

AMG Series catheters consistently provide up to 1.5 more live-born piglets, and 5%+ higher farrowing rates compared to what you are getting now.  Therefore, ask yourself how much is a weaned piglet worth?  How much do you make when selling market animals?  And finally ask yourself how much does the AMG Catheter cost?  Take whatever profit you normally make per animal, then subtract the cost of the catheter(s).  Obviously you will see a profit and the technology has proven to make you money.

That said, your profit is actually much greater than the simple calculation you just performed.  You will farrow more animals, you will have larger litter sizes (live born animals) you will save feed costs on non-productive sow days, you will save money by using less water, less medication, you can save on semen cost by reducing sperm concentrations, you will either save money on labor costs or be able to better utilize your farm staff in other areas, and you will save even more money by not having to breed animals again that do not get pregnant.

When you consider all these factors, you will then understand the AMG Catheters do not cost you more.  They are an investment in your breeding program and ultimately will provide you and your farm with a great deal of profit.  Please look at the big picture of what we allow you to do, and don’t only look at input costs.  Increased production is the bottom line and what you should be concentrating on; not saving a few pennies up front when you purchase catheters.

Our profit margins are relatively low when all is considered, so please believe me when I say WE are not getting rich from selling you this product; although you most likely will by using them!

Please play with the profit projection spreadsheet in this presentation and see for yourself.  All formulas in our spreadsheet tool are viewable and completely editable.  If you do not agree with our thinking, then please change the formula(s) to your liking.  There is an old saying that a small % of a big number is still a big number; and that certainly holds true with what our product provides you when you calculate the new profit it creates!


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