Simple but important tricks for better production!

  1. Give your animals plenty of light.  Pigs produce better when they receive 16 hours of light and 8 hours of darkness to sleep; just like humans do.  If your barns are dark like caves, your animals will not perform as well as in properly lit units!

  2. When using IUI of any design, it is critical your animals are relaxed.  To help this, drop handfuls of hay or straw infront of every animal prior to breeding.  The animals will eat and/or play with the straw, usually continue to stay upright, and will be preoccupied with eating and forget you are behind them breeding…  Drop the straw in front of all the animals at the same time; not one by one as you breed.

  3. Immediately after weaning until “dry” day 4, and for the 10 days prior to breeding your gilts, use a mixture of 5 parts normal feed, 2 parts dextrose, and 1 part fish meal when feeding your animals.  This will cause your animals to drop more eggs and therefore give you bigger litter sizes.

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