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Now that you’ve mastered the art of heat detection, you’re ready to breed your animals. Since you’ve already moved your animals into breeding crates and have them all lined up, begin by loading your gilts, and then your sows.

Gilts usually require 5 minutes or so to relax before injecting the semen, and sows need about 3. Load 10 animals if you have them, and if you have less load them all. The time it takes to clean and load the catheters automatically provides the time for the animals to relax and many times lay down. This is good, because you have not wasted any time.  If you have a large farm, use two teams to load and squeeze.  Simply start the loading approximately 5-10 minutes before the squeezers and they can follow each other around the unit!  Works great and very fast…

Breed all your sows before the gilts, this gives the gilts a longer time to relax… When you breed in a relaxed condition like this, please be quiet, and AT NO TIME HAVE A BOAR ANYWHERE AROUND! The sound and/or smell of a boar nearby will make your inseminations more difficult. Approach the first animal, but DO NOT re-check the lock. If you do, you will stimulate the animal and the time just spent relaxing her will have to be repeated. Put your cellphones on “vibrate”, do not talk loudly, and do not let other workers walk in front of the animals during the insemination. People moving in front, is no different than bringing in the boar. Your animals will become stimulated and the insemination process will be much harder!

Gently attach “any” semen container to the catheter and move the catheter as little as possible when doing so. Gently grab the catheter approximately 1/2″ from the vulva by making a fist around the tube. Use the flat part of your fist to gently apply forward pressure against the back of the animal. Keep a slight amount of forward pressure on the vulva at all times to make sure the deploying membrane does not push the catheter backwards and break the lock. The forward pressure will also make sure that if the animal moves forward suddenly, your arm will follow her and she will not dislodge the catheter; thereby breaking the lock. Please keep your arm flexible and move with the animals when they move.

Before squeezing the bottle, let the semen flow into the catheter. You will see air bubbles enter the semen container; when they stop it is time to squeeze!  When you do this, “slightly bend” the catheter so the semen will flow downward and the air will rise.  Do not just pull up on the catheter because doing so will break the lock.  Watch the videos and look at how this is being done…

The next two playlists show more than 125 breeding examples. Browse them at your leisure to see how this process should work for you. If you have any problems, re-read this page and visit the “troubleshooting section” at the end of this section where specific corrective instructions are explained in detail. Most of your animals should accept the injection just like the videos we are showing you; but there will always be those few animals who drive you crazy. Gilts are a bit more challenging than sows; so keep that in mind and learn these procedures first on sows! Don’t fret, there is a minimal learning curve with anything new, and our catheter is admittedly a new concept to you and your farm!

Once the semen has been injected, there is no need to keep the catheter inside the animal. AMG catheters inject semen all the way to the UTJ instantly, so remove the catheter as soon as the semen container is empty and go to the next animal.

We hope you enjoy the AMG experience. Please contribute to this website via the blog or send us an email if you have any additional questions or concerns…

Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions

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