Can we do a single-dose insemination with the AMG?

We do NOT recommend single-dose inseminations unless if you are using an ovulation agonist.  Without the help of such medications, your heat detection would have to be PERFECT every time and we don’t feel that is doable consistently.  Here again, do your own research.  If you are currently doing 2.7 or so doses on average, cut down to 2 for all animals and see what happens.  If you experience the same performance, try a group with a single dose and see if you fall off a cliff…  If you want to go down this path, I personally  recommend you service the animal based on when her “2nd” dose would normally be administered so you are not breeding her too early…  Also understand that if you have a high turn-over with employees, your heat-detection will vary and make this more difficult to maintain!  This is a risky undertaking; proceed with caution!

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