Once in a while, I get a lot of backflow

Back flow is rather uncommon to see in sows, but quite normal in gilts.  The truth is, all animals will eventually give back semen they either draw in via contractions (with traditional catheters) or that which is injected with our technology.

The interesting part about our methods is ,that even when you get back flow, especially gilts, the performance does not seem to be negatively affected!   This is because our insemination method instantly places semen directly in the UTJ, so once that reservoir is filled, what ever shoots back out is irrelevant.  Oddly enough, this is more of a psychological issue then a performance issue…

Nobody likes to see back flow, but unfortunately it is something that happens with ALL catheters.  It is sometimes more noticeable with ours, because we are injecting the dose instantly all at one time.  If some is going to come back, especially in gilts, this is when it happens.  Some gilts, simply cannot handle 80 ml of volume either.  They have what we refer to as a “full tank” and the semen really has nowhere to go but back out…

This condition will also happen if you break the lock with the cervix.  This is why we teach you to put forward pressure against the vulva prior to squeezing, and also not to pull up on the catheter when letting the air in the tube flow up into the bottle.  You must move your arm with the animal when she moves forward or backwards!  Otherwise she can pull of the foam and ruin your insemination…  When this happens you will get a lot of back flow too, and you should re-service the animal.  This is strictly operator error and is very uncommon after the first couple days of using the product.

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