Sometimes when I squeeze, the bottle is rock hard and nothing happens

This indicates the cervix is closed and a number of things could contribute to this:

Did you re-check the lock right before the insemination?  If so, please do not do that.  If you feel the catheter is coming out and needs to be re-positioned, go ahead and re-lock the catheter; but wait the appropriate time again before squeezing!

Has a boar been in recent contact with the animal, or was a boar present during your insemination?  This is a BIG no no…

Look at the sides of the animal, is she having contractions?  If so, give her some time to relax.

Did you place your hand on her back or butt prior to the squeeze?  Please do not do this, it will stimulate the animal.

Did you move the catheter around too much when attaching the semen container?  Please be gentle or you will stimulate the cervix!

Are there people standing in front of the animals trying to watch you perform the insemination?  Your animals will get stimulated by this, it is no different than walking the boar in front of them…

Is there a group of people all trying to watch at the same time?  You will notice the inseminations go much easier when there are NOT a lot of people around.

Is this group talking loud and taking pictures?  Please stop doing this.  You can download all sorts of pictures from this website.  Flashes and noise stimulate the animals.

Are you positive the animal is in heat?  Really sure?

Any and all of the above will stimulate the animal.  For successful breeding and ease of use with the AMG catheter, your animals MUST be relaxed!

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