English Spreadsheet

Information already entered into the spreadsheet is just sample data. The spreadsheet is completely interactive, so feel free to change whatever number(s) you like and perform as many what-if scenarios as you want.  Simply replace the sample numbers with your actual farm results  to see how much money you could make; or how much you could lose by doing nothing because you are afraid of change!

Definitely play with the performance numbers to see how a very small % of improvement in farrowing and litter size completely pays for the AMG technology. We are here to make you money and increase your profits! This is one of the most important areas in this website for you to understand

Also, please notice the extra areas you profit in, in addition to our simple breeding and farrowing improvement.  The positive effects of this technology save you incredible sums of money on feed costs, labor, semen and the like.  We provide an overall efficiency to your operation second to none!

You can easily reduce your semen concentration to 2 billion, or even 1.5 without sacrificing productivity; just do NOT reduce the volume.  Use a minimum of 80ml for each dose!

This spreadsheet is also downloadable and you can also play with it in a full size window if you like. There are icons for you to “click” on the bottom right-hand side of the spreadsheet… Once downloaded, you can review our formulas to better understand how we arrive at the numbers you see…Hope you enjoy!

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